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Tony Wilkins – Drums and Vocals. Tony took up the drums because they are easier than the cornet! (Not easier to carry around! – Tony) Believe it or not Tony is actually a musician as well as a drummer, being a fine guitarist. But it is the drums on which Tony has spent most of his career. Rumours say this is purely because he is able to consume more beer sitting on the drum stool, than he can standing at the front! Born and bred in Norfolk Tony began his "professional" music career as drummer in the resident band at Hy's Nightclub in Tombland Norwich. With his ability to count to four and operate both hands and his feet simultaneously, Tony quickly found that as a drummer the world was his oyster. Tony has ventured into most genres of music – and has usually been asked to leave. He met Simon playing in function bands around the East of England and jumped at the opportunity to be the driving force in the rhythm section of DixieMix. Simon has been a large influence in Tony's life persuading him to sell his caravan, buy younger looking shoes and gel his hair! The name Sticky Wilkins has no reference to the drums . . .

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