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Tony is classically trained and was drawn into playing jazz whilst a student at university in Liverpool. His band once allowed the interval spot to be played by the new, young group called The Beatles. Tony’s speciality is meaningful, melodic playing and he doesn’t give in to the desire to be ‘flashy’ as some reed players do. He plays clarinet, alto sax and tenor sax equally well. When not on jazz duty he can still be found in the clarinet section of a local orchestra.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
15th March 2020ClarinetN/A
8th December 2019ClarinetN/A
18th August 2019ClarinetN/A
26th May 2019ClarinetN/A
14th October 2018ClarinetN/A
22nd July 2018ClarinetN/A
25th February 2018ClarinetN/A
3rd December 2017ClarinetN/A
16th July 2017ClarinetN/A
9th April 2017ClarinetN/A
16th October 2016ClarinetN/A
17th April 2016ClarinetN/A
20th September 2015ClarinetN/A
9th March 2014ClarinetN/A
16th June 2013ClarinetN/A
11th March 2012ClarinetN/A
4th September 2011ClarinetN/A
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