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Tony Sharp, double bassist, has been a regular member of the Midlands jazz scene for over 25 years, playing with many local groups (sometimes more than once!. He began playing New Orleans style with the bands of Norman Thatcher, Ken Pye and Dan Pawson and toured with the American trumpeter Milton Batiste. He later expanded his horizons, playing with Paul Munnery’s two bands Harlem and Swing Street as well as performing in the mainstream quartet of pianist Frank Partridge. He has appeared regularly with Jeff Barnhart and John Hallam and currently can be seen at Festivals in the band backing the outstanding singer Mellow Avstreih. When the Frenchmen Street Jazz Band is not performing he can be found moonlighting with the Worcestershire Symphony Orchestra.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
19th May 2019Double BassN/A
3rd September 2017Double BassN/A
5th February 2017Double BassN/A
21st August 2016Double BassN/A
11th October 2015Double BassN/A
22nd March 2015Double BassN/A
16th November 2014Double BassN/A
13th July 2014Double BassN/A
29th December 2013Double BassN/A
31st March 2013Double BassN/A
27th November 2011Double BassN/A
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