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10th July 2022ReedsN/A

Band Info

Tim Huskisson – Clarinet – A self-taught pianist from a very young age, Tim was inspired by Jazz that he first heard on 78rpm records. Taking clarinet lessons from the age of 9 he was playing in local Jazz bands by his late teens. He learned much of the Traditional Jazz repertoire as a member of ‘Dennis Field’s Hot-Jazz’, and received further encouraged from Digby Fairweather who included him in his ‘All-Stars’ on an Essex-Radio sponsored Jazz-Cruise to Sweden in 1981. Later, as a keyboardist in 'function' dance bands in hotels and night-clubs, Tim was often required to play for guest entertainers - including Larry Grayson, Little & Large, Michael Barrymore and Soul singer, George McCrae. A chance meeting in 1989 led to regular work with entertainer Brian Conley. Tim became his musical director for theatre tours, and summer season shows in Weymouth (1992), Scarborough (1993) and Blackpool (1994). There were TV appearances, shows at the London Palladium and a performance at the Royal Albert Hall when Brian was special guest of the legendary Bob Hope. Tim was offered the position of Deputy M.D. for ‘Jolson – The Musical’ at London’s Victoria Palace, and after turning down an offer to join the Canadian production in Toronto, he toured with comedian Joe Pasquale. From 1998 to 2000, Tim toured Europe as M.D. for the Rocky Horror Show. Latterly dedicating himself entirely to music that first inspired him, Tim has established himself as one of the busiest musicians on the Jazz club circuit. Playing Vintage and Modern styles on piano and clarinet, he has worked with Bruce Adams, Steve Waterman, Allan Gangley, Dave Shepherd, Pete Strange, Roy Williams, Betty Smith, Enrico Tomasso, Steve Fishwick, George Melly, ‘Spats’ Langham, Simon Spillett, Adrian Fry, Eric Delaney, Keith Nichols, Snowboy, Kenny Ball, George Chisholm, John Altman, Cy Laurie, Gordon Campbell, Spike Heatley, Colin Bowden, etc

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
22nd May 2022ReedsN/A
8th May 2022PianoN/A
1st May 2022ClarinetN/A
13th March 2022ClarinetN/A
30th January 2022ClarinetN/A
12th December 2021PianoN/A
14th November 2021ReedsN/A
7th November 2021PianoN/A
5th September 2021PianoN/A
5th September 2021PianoN/A
8th August 2021ClarinetN/A
31st May 2020PianoN/A
17th May 2020ClarinetN/A
22nd December 2019ClarinetN/A
14th July 2019ClarinetN/A
14th April 2019PianoN/A
3rd February 2019PianoN/A
2nd December 2018ClarinetN/A
2nd September 2018PianoN/A
8th July 2018ClarinetN/A
10th June 2018ClarinetN/A
4th June 2017PianoN/A
29th May 2016PianoN/A
28th February 2016PianoN/A
24th January 2016PianoN/A
13th December 2015ClarinetN/A
31st May 2015PianoN/A
10th May 2015PianoN/A
4th January 2015PianoN/A
28th December 2014ClarinetN/A
9th November 2014PianoN/A
19th October 2014PianoN/A
14th September 2014ClarinetN/A
6th July 2014PianoN/A
29th June 2014PianoN/A
1st December 2013ClarinetN/A
24th November 2013PianoN/A
17th November 2013ClarinetN/A
29th September 2013PianoN/A
25th August 2013PianoN/A
28th July 2013ClarinetN/A
7th October 2012PianoN/A
24th June 2012ClarinetN/A
10th June 2012PianoN/A
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