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Date Group Instrument Info
29th May 2022DrumsN/A

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Sy Gorelick (pronounced G’Relic), is an Anglo-American, taught by BBC Drummer Paul Brodie (BBC Big Band and top session musician) and has made his name playing in a plethora of styles gaining extensive experience. He has worked in Recording Studios, Theatres, Ballrooms, Cruise liners, Restaurants, Pubs, Cabaret, Teaching, Night Clubs, Petrol Stations, Debenhams’ perfume department (true!), TV & Radio, as well as playing & teaching both in the UK & abroad. He has a lifelong interest in physiognomology, sesquipedalianism, mycology and Occitania about which, to date, he has refused to release for publication.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
17th October 2021DrumsN/A
24th May 2020DrumsN/A
1st December 2019DrumsN/A
18th November 2018DrumsN/A
15th July 2018DrumsN/A
23rd April 2017DrumsN/A
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