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Sarah Spencer. Described as “one of the exciting, new, young breed of traditional players and the hottest tenor saxophonist on the Jazz scene today,” Sarah’s creed has always been to “play it Hot and Dirty”. Sarah started playing clarinet at the age of 8 and the tenor sax at 15, later taking up the baritone, alto and soprano saxophones. She started playing the British traditional jazz scene at 18; was the youngest visitor to play in Preservation Hall, New Orleans at 19; and formed the first of her own bands at 20. In 1989, Sarah Spencer’s Rue Conti Jazz Band was formed with the aim of playing New Orleans music “from Piron to Professor Longhair” and became one of Britain’s most popular bands. In 1993, Sarah moved to America. Since then, she has made numerous guest appearances around the world, recorded several compact discs, and appeared at festivals around the world, including playing at the Purcell Room of the Royal Festival Hall in London.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
28th July 2019ClarinetN/A
21st July 2019ClarinetN/A
28th April 2019ClarinetN/A
21st April 2019ClarinetN/A
23rd December 2018ClarinetN/A
23rd September 2018ClarinetN/A
29th July 2018ClarinetN/A
24th June 2018ClarinetN/A
3rd June 2018ClarinetN/A
12th November 2017ClarinetN/A
30th July 2017ClarinetN/A
15th January 2017ClarinetN/A
20th November 2016ClarinetN/A
6th March 2016ClarinetN/A
22nd September 2013ClarinetN/A
19th May 2013ClarinetN/A
27th January 2013ClarinetN/A
26th February 2012ClarinetN/A
23rd October 2011ClarinetN/A
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