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Date Group Instrument Info
14th November 2021Double BassN/A

Band Info

Roger Curphy (Double Bass) I was born in London 1948 into a musical household. My father was a dance band pianist and I started aged 10 later turning to guitar. Aged 16 I joined his band and doing three gigs a week I earned more than the day job. I then started on double bass and played with many modern jazz musicians including Tony Coe, Dick Morrissey etc. The trad scene for me began in the 80's. Currently, I am fairly busy playing with various bands of different styles.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
31st May 2020Double BassN/A
27th October 2019Double BassN/A
2nd June 2019Double BassN/A
14th April 2019Double BassN/A
2nd September 2018Double BassN/A
25th March 2018Double BassN/A
15th October 2017Double BassN/A
4th June 2017Double BassN/A
29th May 2016Double BassN/A
28th February 2016Double BassN/A
24th January 2016Double BassN/A
8th November 2015Double BassN/A
31st May 2015Double BassN/A
4th January 2015Double BassN/A
9th November 2014Double BassN/A
6th July 2014Double BassN/A
24th November 2013Double BassN/A
25th August 2013Double BassN/A
10th June 2012Double BassN/A
4th December 2011Double BassN/A
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