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Robin Burgess – Sousaphone and Band Leader. The first live jazz I heard was at a concert in Norwich in 1956. The big local bands at the time were The Dixielanders and The Collegians and hearing them that night I was hooked. I than read an advertisement in the local rag for musicians to meet and form a band and a club so I turned up. There was an old euphonium lying around so I picked it up and had a go and was eventually allowed to ‘sort of join’. The band was the Tailgate Jazz Band. A club was formed and Coral, who I met at the club, became secretary – it was very successful. I eventually bought a sousaphone for £10. Coral and I married in 1961 and jazz took a back seat while we brought up our daughters. In 1977 I joined the Jubilee Jazz Band and stayed with the band until it packed up in 1982. My next band was The Climax Jazz Band which I joined in in 1988 and stayed with them until the formation of Redbeans ‘n’ Rice in 1992. My favourite jazz is that by Sam Morgan, also the Preservation Hall Bands and for an individual track, Milenburg Joys from the George Lewis Band with Kid Howard at his hottest.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Group photo for Red Beans 'n' Rice

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
5th May 2019SousaphoneN/A
26th August 2018SousaphoneN/A
9th July 2017SousaphoneN/A
31st July 2016SousaphoneN/A
14th April 2013SousaphoneN/A
15th April 2012SousaphoneN/A
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