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Musician Profile


Date Group Instrument Info
31st October 2021TrumpetN/A
21st November 2021TrumpetN/A

Band Info

Richard Church – Trumpet/Cornet. I first started playing the cornet at school and then went on to play with brass bands, orchestras and dance bands. My love of New Orleans Jazz stems from my older brother, who recorded live bands in the 60’s (on a little Phillips reel-to-reel), at ‘Studio 5’ in Norwich. I was an avid listener, but never actually played this style until the late 80’s, when I began “sitting in” with local bands – Redbeans ‘n’ Rice included. One day I was asked to do a ‘dep’ and so started the steep learning curve. I was asked to join Redbeans after Vic Bevan left and now play with them every other week at Beccles. I also play on their other public and private gigs. My greatest influences are Louis Armstrong, Kid Thomas, De De Pierce and strangely, Ruby Braff.

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
24th October 2021TrumpetN/A
19th September 2021TrumpetN/A
29th March 2020TrumpetN/A
15th December 2019TrumpetN/A
29th September 2019TrumpetN/A
22nd September 2019TrumpetN/A
23rd June 2019TrumpetN/A
17th March 2019TrumpetN/A
7th October 2018TrumpetN/A
12th August 2018TrumpetN/A
20th May 2018TrumpetN/A
4th March 2018TrumpetN/A
7th January 2018TrumpetN/A
8th October 2017TrumpetN/A
18th June 2017TrumpetN/A
30th October 2016TrumpetN/A
31st January 2016TrumpetN/A
20th December 2015TrumpetN/A
1st November 2015TrumpetN/A
23rd August 2015TrumpetN/A
26th July 2015TrumpetN/A
17th May 2015TrumpetN/A
26th October 2014TrumpetN/A
5th October 2014TrumpetN/A
20th July 2014TrumpetN/A
22nd June 2014TrumpetN/A
20th April 2014TrumpetN/A
20th April 2014TrumpetN/A
23rd February 2014TrumpetN/A
15th December 2013TrumpetN/A
12th May 2013TrumpetN/A
24th February 2013TrumpetN/A
9th December 2012TrumpetN/A
30th September 2012TrumpetN/A
18th March 2012TrumpetN/A
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