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Musician Profile


Date Group Instrument Info
10th July 2022TrumpetN/A

Band Info

Pete Rudeforth – Trumpet and Vocals – studied at the Royal Academy of Music. He has worked with Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball and many other leading musicians. He is the front-line man with the Charleston Chasers, the Piccadilly Dance Orchestra, Chris Barber and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra.

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
22nd May 2022TrumpetN/A
8th May 2022TrumpetN/A
12th December 2021TrumpetN/A
14th November 2021TrumpetN/A
5th September 2021TrumpetN/A
5th September 2021TrumpetN/A
31st May 2020TrumpetN/A
15th March 2020TrumpetN/A
8th December 2019TrumpetN/A
18th August 2019TrumpetN/A
26th May 2019TrumpetN/A
14th April 2019TrumpetN/A
31st March 2019TrumpetN/A
14th October 2018TrumpetN/A
2nd September 2018TrumpetN/A
22nd July 2018TrumpetN/A
6th May 2018TrumpetN/A
25th February 2018TrumpetN/A
3rd December 2017TrumpetN/A
22nd October 2017TrumpetN/A
16th July 2017TrumpetN/A
4th June 2017TrumpetN/A
9th April 2017TrumpetN/A
19th March 2017TrumpetN/A
16th October 2016TrumpetN/A
11th September 2016TrumpetN/A
14th August 2016TrumpetN/A
29th May 2016TrumpetN/A
24th April 2016TrumpetN/A
17th April 2016TrumpetN/A
7th February 2016TrumpetN/A
24th January 2016TrumpetN/A
20th September 2015TrumpetN/A
19th July 2015TrumpetN/A
31st May 2015TrumpetN/A
25th January 2015TrumpetN/A
18th January 2015TrumpetN/A
4th January 2015TrumpetN/A
9th November 2014TrumpetN/A
16th March 2014TrumpetN/A
9th March 2014TrumpetN/A
2nd February 2014TrumpetN/A
24th November 2013TrumpetN/A
25th August 2013TrumpetN/A
16th June 2013TrumpetN/A
17th February 2013TrumpetN/A
10th June 2012TrumpetN/A
11th March 2012TrumpetN/A
15th January 2012TrumpetN/A
4th September 2011TrumpetN/A
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