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Musician Profile


Date Group Instrument Info
7th November 2021Banjo and GuitarN/A

Band Info

Pete is an excellent banjo and guitar player, is a real asset to the band being able to turn his hand, or should be voice, to many vocals. His knowledge of the music, his wide knowledge of chord sequences, and in particular his desire to get them right, makes him an extremely valuable member of the band. Pete came to the jazz via a more ‘popular commercial’ band and has backed many show business personalities including Bruce Forsyth, Joan Turner and Ronnie Caroll. He fronts the rhythm section with Mike Barry’s New Uptown Gang and Savoy Jazzmen.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Group photo for Pete Baker's Half Dozen
(Banjo and Guitar)
Group photo for Rex O'Dell's All Stars
(Banjo and Guitar)
Group photo for Barry Palser's Savoy Jazz
(Banjo and Guitar)
(Banjo and Guitar)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
15th March 2020BanjoN/A
8th December 2019BanjoN/A
18th August 2019BanjoN/A
26th May 2019Banjo and GuitarN/A
14th October 2018Banjo and GuitarN/A
22nd July 2018BanjoN/A
25th February 2018Banjo and GuitarN/A
3rd December 2017Banjo and GuitarN/A
16th July 2017Banjo and GuitarN/A
9th April 2017Banjo and GuitarN/A
16th October 2016BanjoN/A
11th September 2016Banjo and GuitarN/A
17th April 2016Banjo and GuitarN/A
7th February 2016Banjo and GuitarN/A
20th September 2015Banjo and GuitarN/A
5th July 2015Banjo and GuitarN/A
10th May 2015Banjo and GuitarN/A
25th January 2015Banjo and GuitarN/A
19th October 2014Banjo and GuitarN/A
29th June 2014Banjo and GuitarN/A
9th March 2014Banjo and GuitarN/A
2nd February 2014Banjo and GuitarN/A
29th September 2013Banjo and GuitarN/A
16th June 2013Banjo and GuitarN/A
17th February 2013Banjo and GuitarN/A
7th October 2012Banjo and GuitarN/A
11th March 2012Banjo and GuitarN/A
15th January 2012Banjo and GuitarN/A
4th September 2011Banjo and GuitarN/A
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