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Mel (Malc) Cox – Banjo, Guitar and wannabe Drummer – I went to Williers music shop in Ipswich to buy a Doris Day record, of all things, and came away with one by Lu Watters Yerba Buena Jazz Band!!! And that was the start – I wanted to be a drummer but Tucker Smith wanted a banjo player – so I bought one for a quid, tuned it to the first four strings of a guitar – on which I could play three chords… When Tucker was called up for National Service, I joined the Tom Collins Band, in early 1959 at the ‘Albert’ and stayed with his band until he died. That band was the best one I ever played with. It took me all over Europe, including Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France, and Germany – to Canada, Iraq, North Africa – the Isle of Man and Norfolk!! As a band we supported all the greats – Count Basie, Chris Barber, Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball, Monty Sunshine, Bruce Turner etc. Since Tom died the band has continued as the East Coast Wanderer’s and I’m a bit of a tart and play with lots of different bands…. Which meant, I once played the same Jazz Club with four different bands on the trot?

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
16th January 2022BanjoN/A
26th September 2021BanjoN/A
29th August 2021Banjo and GuitarN/A
12th April 2020BanjoN/A
22nd March 2020BanjoN/A
19th January 2020Banjo and GuitarN/A
10th November 2019BanjoN/A
8th September 2019BanjoN/A
24th March 2019BanjoN/A
3rd March 2019Banjo and GuitarN/A
17th June 2018BanjoN/A
1st April 2018BanjoN/A
28th January 2018Banjo and GuitarN/A
4th September 2016Banjo and GuitarN/A
17th January 2016Banjo and GuitarN/A
3rd November 2013Banjo and GuitarN/A
23rd June 2013Banjo and GuitarN/A
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