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Max Emmons. – Trumpet, is also a very good earthy rhythm and blues singer; he compliments this with sexy harmonica playing. In the sixties and seventies Max ran a very fine Blues band called, The Jugular Vein. He first met Bob Dwyer somewhere in the late seventies, when he played with him at the Bricklayers Arms, Brentford for the “Black Six”.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
21st July 2019TrumpetN/A
21st April 2019TrumpetN/A
3rd June 2018TrumpetN/A
12th November 2017TrumpetN/A
30th July 2017TrumpetN/A
15th January 2017TrumpetN/A
20th November 2016TrumpetN/A
6th March 2016TrumpetN/A
22nd September 2013TrumpetN/A
19th May 2013TrumpetN/A
27th January 2013TrumpetN/A
26th February 2012TrumpetN/A
23rd October 2011TrumpetN/A
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