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Malc played drums in several New Orleans-style bands in the North and Midlands while still in his teens. He moved to London in 1966 to join the Ken Colyer Jazzmen and was a key member of that group till 1971, when ill-health forced Ken to cease running the band and reduce his playing commitments. Malc stayed on in Johnny Bastable’s Chosen Six and later formed his own Storyville Stompers who toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe. Malc’s studies with Zutty Singleton, and his contacts with many of the legends of New Orleans, both as a friend and as a fellow musician, have given him a wealth of experience and knowledge of the music. As well as recording with many British bands Malc has also made recordings in New Orleans.

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
15th May 2022DrumsN/A
10th April 2022DrumsN/A
19th December 2021DrumsN/A
21st November 2021DrumsN/A
24th October 2021DrumsN/A
19th September 2021DrumsN/A
29th March 2020DrumsN/A
15th December 2019DrumsN/A
29th September 2019DrumsN/A
17th March 2019DrumsN/A
12th August 2018DrumsN/A
4th March 2018DrumsN/A
7th January 2018DrumsN/A
31st January 2016DrumsN/A
26th July 2015DrumsN/A
20th July 2014DrumsN/A
23rd February 2014DrumsN/A
12th May 2013DrumsN/A
22nd July 2012DrumsN/A
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