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Kevin West – Guitar and Banjo. Kevin took up the guitar because it is easier than the cornet! The Brian May of the jazz world, Kevin was asked to join DixieMix to help maintain the youthful feel of the band. With the Freedom of Information Act, his real age has since surfaced, so he is now in the band purely based on his ability, his bail conditions and because DixieMix as an equal opportunities employer needed someone who owns a banjo. On the recommendation of his doctor, Kevin mixes his love affair with the banjo with some driving four-in-the-bar guitar playing. Kevin is a highly accomplished musician with the ability to "do it all" style-wise. He has performed in rock bands, function bands but is still waiting for his call up to the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. Kevin enjoys life in Southwold and on long dark evenings the strumming of a banjo can be heard along the moonlit sea front - hence his Asbo and restraining order

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Group photo for DixieMix Jazz Band
(Banjo and Guitar)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
16th December 2018Banjo and GuitarN/A
16th September 2018Banjo and GuitarN/A
14th January 2018Banjo and GuitarN/A
18th September 2016Banjo and GuitarN/A
8th May 2016Banjo and GuitarN/A
18th October 2015Banjo and GuitarN/A
12th October 2014Banjo and GuitarN/A
30th March 2014Banjo and GuitarN/A
14th July 2013Banjo and GuitarN/A
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