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Keith Donald – Double Bass. From 1970 to the present time he has been the resident double bass player with John Petter’s festivals. Played with and recorded with American Jazz Greats, including Wild Bill Davidson, Yank Lawson, Al Casey and Slim Galliard. Played with and recorded with the following British Bands, Ken Colyer, Hump Littleton, Acker Bilk, George Chisholm and Pete Alan.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

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(Double Bass)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
23rd January 2022Double BassN/A
3rd October 2021Double BassN/A
15th August 2021Double BassN/A
26th January 2020Double BassN/A
27th January 2019Double BassN/A
4th February 2018Double BassN/A
13th August 2017Double BassN/A
22nd January 2017Double BassN/A
15th May 2016Double BassN/A
16th August 2015Double BassN/A
11th January 2015Double BassN/A
15th June 2014Double BassN/A
21st April 2013Double BassN/A
13th January 2013Double BassN/A
22nd April 2012Double BassN/A
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