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Musician Profile


Date Group Instrument Info
14th August 2022Double BassN/A

Band Info

John was born in Ilford, Essex in 1948. He started playing banjo but switched to double bass shortly after. For many years he played with the Blackbottom Stompers. He also plays sousaphone with the Excelsior New Orleans Brass Band. He collects memorabilia from the 1920's particularly gramophone records and 78 rpm jazz recordings. He recognises the help and encouragement he received from John Arthy of the Pasadena Roof Light Orchestra and being strongly influenced by 'Pops' Foster. He has an infectious sense of humour, which coupled with the big sound, and driving beat makes him a tremendous asset to any band.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Group photo for The New King Jazz
(Double Bass)
Group photo for          The New  King Jazz
(Double Bass)
Group photo for Gambit Jazzmen
(Double Bass)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
3rd July 2022Double BassN/A
15th May 2022Double BassN/A
1st May 2022Double BassN/A
17th April 2022Double BassN/A
30th January 2022Double BassN/A
16th January 2022Double BassN/A
21st November 2021Double BassN/A
7th November 2021SousaphoneN/A
26th September 2021Double BassN/A
19th September 2021Double BassN/A
29th March 2020Double BassN/A
22nd March 2020Double BassN/A
15th December 2019Double BassN/A
29th September 2019Double BassN/A
8th September 2019Double BassN/A
24th March 2019Double BassN/A
17th March 2019Double BassN/A
12th August 2018Double BassN/A
17th June 2018Double BassN/A
1st April 2018Double BassN/A
4th March 2018Double BassN/A
7th January 2018Double BassN/A
5th October 2014Double BassN/A
20th April 2014Double BassN/A
20th April 2014Double BassN/A
10th November 2013Double BassN/A
21st July 2013Double BassN/A
23rd December 2012Double BassN/A
23rd September 2012Double BassN/A
12th August 2012Double BassN/A
18th March 2012Double BassN/A
13th November 2011Double BassN/A
3rd April 2011Double BassN/A
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