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Ian is a talented multi instrumentalist. His great interest in jazz started at university in the 50’s and he learned double bass. He had previously played violin, guitar and banjo in folk and skiffle groups. Since then he has played a wide range of music from rock n roll to small band swing to New Orleans Jazz. He was on banjo with Colin Kingswell for 5 years and is also the drummer with The Excel Jazzmen.

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
19th May 2019Banjo and GuitarN/A
10th February 2019Banjo and GuitarN/A
3rd September 2017Banjo and GuitarN/A
5th February 2017DrumsN/A
21st August 2016DrumsN/A
11th October 2015Banjo and GuitarN/A
22nd March 2015Banjo and GuitarN/A
16th November 2014Banjo and GuitarN/A
13th July 2014Banjo and GuitarN/A
29th December 2013Banjo and GuitarN/A
31st March 2013Banjo and GuitarN/A
29th July 2012BanjoN/A
27th November 2011Banjo and GuitarN/A
24th April 2011BanjoEaster Party Night - music until 11pm
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