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Ian Grant – Tenor Banjo. My interest in jazz started in Wiltshire. A band was formed and I played guitar. Attending the Bath Jazz Festival in 1958 to hear Ken Colyer, convinced me that the tenor banjo was the proper instrument for New Orleans bands, so I made the switch. When, the family moved to Essex in 1959, Friday nights were spent listening to the Eric Silk Southern Jazz Band, which brought new music friends. From this came the Grant Jazzmen. I learnt so much from that band, as well as meeting more musicians. When the band folded John Baker took up the leadership and formed the Elysian Ragtime Band. Later Chris Marchant and I joined Kenny and Violet Milne to form the Criterion Jazz Band. After a period of inactivity Leo Davis called to ask if I was interested in joining a band to play at ‘The Sun’ pub in Romford. This band became the Liberty Hall Stompers and we still play the occasional job. During this time I also played with Dennis Seabrook’s Louisiana Steamboat Jazz Band. Having ‘depped’ for John Bright with Redbeans ‘n’ Rice, it was an easy occasion to join as a regular in 2002 after John left. I also play the bass drum and manage the Superior Brass Band, incorporating most of the Liberty Hall Stompers and some of Redbeans ‘n’ Rice.

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Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
5th May 2019BanjoN/A
26th August 2018BanjoN/A
9th July 2017BanjoN/A
31st July 2016BanjoN/A
14th April 2013BanjoN/A
15th April 2012BanjoN/A
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