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Musician Profile


Date Group Instrument Info
9th February 2020PianoN/A
23rd February 2020PianoN/A

Band Info

Hugh Crozier – Pianist – one of the best exponents of Jelly Roll Morton style of piano playing. A brilliant boogie player one of the best. You’ll love his version of Caldonia, (see u tube bob dwyer) 17,000 have listened to it so far. Hugh joined Bob Dwyer’s Hot Seven in November 2007.

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
24th November 2019PianoN/A
17th November 2019PianoN/A
21st July 2019PianoN/A
21st April 2019PianoN/A
24th February 2019PianoN/A
3rd June 2018PianoN/A
13th May 2018PianoN/A
12th November 2017PianoN/A
5th November 2017PianoN/A
30th July 2017PianoN/A
21st May 2017PianoN/A
15th January 2017PianoN/A
27th November 2016PianoN/A
20th November 2016PianoN/A
24th July 2016PianoN/A
6th March 2016PianoN/A
9th August 2015PianoN/A
1st March 2015PianoN/A
28th September 2014PianoN/A
6th October 2013PianoN/A
22nd September 2013PianoN/A
2nd June 2013PianoN/A
19th May 2013PianoN/A
27th January 2013PianoN/A
1st July 2012PianoN/A
26th February 2012PianoN/A
22nd January 2012PianoN/A
23rd October 2011PianoN/A
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