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Date Group Instrument Info
21st July 2024DrumsSummer Party Evening
11th August 2024DrumsN/A

Band Info

A Brummie by birth, Graham started playing drums at the age of 14 in his father’s dance band until his early 20’s when he ceased playing to pursue a career in banking. Two decades later he bought his young son Russell, also now a very accomplished drummer, a drum kit and found himself responding to the need for a drummer with the Warwickshire based Pete Harris Jazz Band and borrowing his son’s kit. In 1993, together with his pianist father, he formed the popular Jazz Allsorts. Early retirement from the bank in 1999 gave Graham the opportunity to pursue his musical ambitions and to join The Antique Six Jazzband; He became a full member of The 7 Stars of Jazz, in early 2006. In pursuit of expanding his style and interest in Jazz genres he also performs with Rod Chamber’s Louisiana Joymakers, and the Amy Roberts Band, The Famous Five and the Kings of Jazz as well as deputising with an increasing number of bands from around the country and performing with a growing list of jazz stars from home and abroad.

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