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Goff Dubber (Clarinet & Saxes): Goff learned his jazz, after a classical beginning at school, playing in the West End of London during the New Orleans revival of the 1950s and 60s, when he recorded and took part in several BBC Jazz Club broadcasts. His swinging style has earned him guest appearances throughout Britain, as well as regular work with Neville Dickie, the Gresty/White Ragtimers, and Ray Terry Band, and spells with George Webb, Ken Colyer and the Temperance Seven, as well as running his own "Dixieland Express". With some of these he has been featured on several CDs, and has played at Jazz Festivals and concerts as far afield as Toronto, Palm Springs, Sacramento, Nice, and the Middle East.

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
31st May 2020ReedsN/A
26th April 2020ClarinetN/A
8th March 2020Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
26th January 2020Alto SaxaphoneN/A
5th January 2020ClarinetN/A
24th November 2019ClarinetN/A
3rd November 2019Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
14th April 2019ReedsN/A
7th April 2019Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
24th February 2019ClarinetN/A
27th January 2019Alto SaxaphoneN/A
20th January 2019ClarinetN/A
4th November 2018Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
2nd September 2018ReedsN/A
27th May 2018Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
13th May 2018ClarinetN/A
4th February 2018Alto SaxaphoneN/A
21st January 2018ClarinetN/A
10th December 2017Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
5th November 2017ClarinetN/A
20th August 2017ClarinetN/A
13th August 2017Alto SaxaphoneN/A
23rd July 2017Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
4th June 2017ReedsN/A
21st May 2017ClarinetN/A
29th January 2017Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
22nd January 2017Alto SaxaphoneN/A
27th November 2016ClarinetN/A
24th July 2016ClarinetN/A
12th June 2016Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
29th May 2016ReedsN/A
15th May 2016Alto SaxaphoneN/A
24th January 2016ReedsN/A
10th January 2016Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
6th September 2015Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
16th August 2015Alto SaxaphoneN/A
9th August 2015ClarinetN/A
31st May 2015ReedsN/A
8th March 2015Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
1st March 2015ClarinetN/A
11th January 2015Alto SaxaphoneN/A
4th January 2015ReedsN/A
9th November 2014ReedsN/A
2nd November 2014Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
5th October 2014ReedsN/A
28th September 2014ClarinetN/A
14th September 2014ReedsN/A
15th June 2014Alto SaxaphoneN/A
1st June 2014Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
20th April 2014ReedsN/A
20th April 2014ReedsN/A
19th January 2014Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
24th November 2013ReedsN/A
17th November 2013ReedsN/A
27th October 2013Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
6th October 2013ClarinetN/A
25th August 2013ReedsN/A
28th July 2013ReedsN/A
2nd June 2013ClarinetN/A
26th May 2013Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
21st April 2013Alto SaxaphoneN/A
13th January 2013Alto SaxaphoneN/A
30th December 2012Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
21st October 2012Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
15th July 2012Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
1st July 2012ClarinetN/A
10th June 2012ReedsN/A
22nd April 2012Alto SaxaphoneN/A
18th March 2012ReedsN/A
22nd January 2012ClarinetN/A
18th December 2011Clarinet and SaxaphoneN/A
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