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Dave Price – Banjo and Guitar – At school I was music captain and led a jazz band playing clarinet but decided to switch to banjo making it easier to ogle the girls. On leaving school at seventeen I decided to venture into the traditional jazz scene. An advertisement in the Melody Maker ‘Engagements Wanted’ resulted in a call from the Essex Frog Island Jazz Band. I remained with the Frogs for six years and left to check out the music world as large. First it was a cabaret band the Celestial Banjo Band culminating in a six-night-night-a-week residency at the Heathrow Skyline Hotel, followed by a solo cabaret act playing everywhere from London’s top hotels to workingman’s clubs. Then for seven years I studied classical Guitar, went to college to learn music, and twice weekly visited a Viennese doctor of music for aural and other music studies eventually becoming an Associate of the London College of Music (A.L.C.M.). A broken hand tendon put a sudden end to the guitar playing so I decided to chance my arm with a classical banjo and for a while played recitals (classical/ragtime/jazz/ etc.) with Frog pianist Keith Durston. A manager projected me into TV and Radio where for a very short (well, a week or two) banjo and Dave Price became synonymous. Then after thirty odd years running the London Music Agency and playing banjo/vocal with various jazz aggregations on the private and corporate scene I was asked to cover for Owen Diplock, banjo player with the Frogs who was suffering long term ill health. Smoke House Blues, Sidewalk Blues together with a good number of King Oliver tunes were still there from distant past. In November 2011 Owen sadly passed away having played as a member of the Frogs for some 39 years. Well, I’m now back with the Frogs fulfilling all the bands engagements at the same time doing a banjo/vocal solo act with the backing tracking tracks and running a swing/mainstream jazz quartet (on mega-banjo) called the Swing Thing. I also teach banjo and organise an amateur banjo band based in Blackmore, Essex (if you are interested please give me a call: 0127 824616) – hope to see you on the circuit.

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