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Dave Jago – Trombone. Dave took up the trombone at school specifically to play traditional jazz. Although his musical curiosity has led him down many other musical paths over the years, including various forms of mainstream and modern jazz, ska, rock, and most notably a 27-year stint (and counting) in the Bollywood Brass Band, he has never lost his love for his first musical influence. He has returned to playing trad repeatedly over the years, and at various times has run his own bands with fanciful names such as Jelly’s Last Roll and Emperor Norton’s Sizzlin’ Seven. No longer encumbered by his former publishing career, he is pleased to be playing a lot more of this wonderful music.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
8th March 2020TromboneN/A
12th January 2020TromboneN/A
3rd November 2019TromboneN/A
12th May 2019TromboneN/A
7th April 2019TromboneN/A
4th November 2018TromboneN/A
27th May 2018TromboneN/A
11th March 2018TromboneN/A
10th December 2017TromboneN/A
17th September 2017TromboneN/A
23rd July 2017TromboneN/A
29th January 2017TromboneN/A
12th June 2016TromboneN/A
10th January 2016TromboneN/A
6th September 2015TromboneN/A
8th March 2015TromboneN/A
7th December 2014TromboneN/A
2nd November 2014TromboneN/A
1st June 2014TromboneN/A
19th January 2014TromboneN/A
27th October 2013TromboneN/A
26th May 2013TromboneN/A
10th March 2013TromboneN/A
30th December 2012TromboneN/A
21st October 2012TromboneN/A
15th July 2012TromboneN/A
18th December 2011TromboneN/A
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