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Date Group Instrument Info
10th July 2022TromboneN/A

Band Info

Colin is an experienced trombonist having been initially inspired by Jack Teagarden’s work with Louis Armstrong. He joined Bob Harley’s band in the 1960s taking over from Mike Nash who had joined Alan Elsdon’s band. He was also the regular trombonist in Ken Barton’s band and with the Dixieland Swing Kings. He has freelanced extensively with many of the past and present musicians on the London scene where the playing styles vary from early New Orleans to Dixieland / Mainstream. A musician with wide tastes, he also doubles on sousaphone on which he has played many gigs principally with jazz based trios and quartets; and also bass guitar where, in addition to jazz, he has also featured in R&B bands.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
22nd May 2022TromboneN/A
14th November 2021TromboneN/A
15th March 2020TromboneN/A
8th December 2019TromboneN/A
18th August 2019TromboneN/A
22nd July 2018TromboneN/A
16th October 2016TromboneN/A
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