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22nd September 2019DrumsN/A

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Colin Bushell – Drums – Sharing drumming dates with Clarence Nugent playing with New Orleans Heat. Colin, from Gloucester, started playing drums at the age of 15 and first became interested in New Orleans jazz when he saw the George Lewis Band in Bristol in the Late Fifties. He stopped playing when he was 18 because of work commitments, but resumed in 1978/9 with the Gloucestershire- based Roy Kirby Paragon Jazz Band. Colin has played with many of the West Country bands and at clubs and festivals around the country and abroad. “I have been lucky and privileged to have met and played with musicians who are dedicated New Orleans players” he says, “It is such a pleasure to see people dancing and enjoying the sound of the New Orleans music.

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Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
23rd June 2019DrumsN/A
7th October 2018DrumsN/A
20th May 2018DrumsN/A
8th October 2017DrumsN/A
18th June 2017DrumsN/A
30th October 2016DrumsN/A
20th December 2015DrumsN/A
1st November 2015DrumsN/A
23rd August 2015DrumsN/A
17th May 2015DrumsN/A
26th October 2014DrumsN/A
22nd June 2014DrumsN/A
15th December 2013DrumsN/A
24th February 2013DrumsN/A
9th December 2012DrumsN/A
30th September 2012DrumsN/A
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