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Bob Dwyer – Trombone – Bob has been playing in Jazz Bands since 1956. A seventeen year stint with Steve Lane’s Southern Stompers and Red Hot Peppers, becoming familiar with King Oliver’s music. This was a valuable experience in the art of playing ensemble trombone and arranging for his Hot Six and Hot Seven traditional jazz bands, these bands appeared at jazz clubs and festivals for many years.

Groups Played For (at CJC)

Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
23rd February 2020TromboneN/A
21st July 2019TromboneN/A
21st April 2019TromboneN/A
3rd June 2018TromboneN/A
12th November 2017TromboneN/A
30th July 2017TromboneN/A
15th January 2017TromboneN/A
20th November 2016TromboneN/A
6th March 2016TromboneN/A
22nd September 2013TromboneN/A
19th May 2013TromboneN/A
27th January 2013TromboneN/A
26th February 2012TromboneN/A
23rd October 2011TromboneN/A
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