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Bill Todd – Trombone. Bill is a relative newcomer to the Phoenix Jazz Band and has been their regular trombonist for the last year. He learnt the craft of Traditional and Dixieland playing with the Royal Garden Jazz Band back in the 1970s and 80s including numerous tours to France and the Netherlands and is delighted to be able to continue playing in that genre with the Phoenix. He also plays in a myriad of other groups in a wide variety of styles, including the Force 10 Big Band, Mick Collins’ Modern Jazz Orchestra, and the Just Friends Jazz 6tet, to name just 3. Way back in his youth he was a celebrated church treble chorister with several recordings, radio, and TV appearances to his name, and still continues to perform in that area as a respected bass choral singer.

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Previous Bookings

Date Group Instrument Further Info
2nd June 2019TromboneN/A
25th March 2018TromboneN/A
15th October 2017TromboneN/A
8th November 2015TromboneN/A
4th December 2011TromboneN/A
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