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Tony Pitt All Stars – Having ‘served my time’ plying banjo over some 50 years in the bands of Alex Walsh, Mike Cotton, Acker Bilk, Kenny Ball, Alan Elsdon, Laurie Chescoe and, most recently Terry Lightfoot and Phil Mason – all as a rhythm section ‘back room boy’ – it seems rather odd to be writing this as a (perceived at least) ‘bandleader’ – but that’s the way it goes. The band was formed in 2006 as a one off, for a gig at a West Country jazz club. I chose musicians who I thought would play the hot foot tapping traditional jazz that we all enjoyed playing, listening or dancing to in those far off days back in the 60’s, variously, in the bands of Monty Sunshine, Terry Lightfoot, Alan Elsdon and Kenny Ball and, while I can’t go back to those times, it takes me as close as I can get.

Band Members

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Alan Gresty – Cornet, Trumpet. Played lead trumpet for many years with the Monty Sunshine’s...

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Derek Clenshaw - Trombone - Started on trumpet at the age of twelve before quickly changing over ...

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John Tyson – Drums. John played with bands in the north London area way back. Many famous pla...

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The number of good guitarists who play rhythm as well as solo guitar is small, the number who als...

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(Double Bass)

Alan Morgan – Double Bass. Alan was originally a guitar player, changed to the double bass in1...

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Tim Huskisson – Piano and Reeds. A self-taught pianist from a very young age, Tim was inspir...

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