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THE PETER RUDEFORTH BAND are a London-based jazz band formed from the very finest Dixieland and Swing musicians on the scene today. The music is hot, uplifting, beautiful and rhythmically infectious. At times, due to the skilful arrangements, it seems as if the band might be bigger than it is. The programme is entertaining, humourous and orginal, whilst being directly connected to the great British jazzbands.

Band Members

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Pete Rudeforth – Trumpet and Vocals – studied at the Royal Academy of Music. He has worked w...

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Andy Flaxman – Trombone - Since leaving the Army in 1997, where he served as the Principal Trom...

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(Double Bass)

Sandy Burnett. Double Bass - As a double bass player, Sandy has performed, toured and recorded wi...

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John Ellmer – Drums. L started playing drums at an early age, starting with a toy kit, then a ...

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Tim Huskisson – Clarinet – A self-taught pianist from a very young age, Tim was inspired ...

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Duncan Hemstock. – Clarinet and tenor sax, is an exceptional young talent from Adelaide, Austr...

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