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Mahogany Hall Stompers. Brian Giles formed the Mahogany Hall Stompers in 1999 and leads on cornet. He considers it a rare experience to be part of a listening band supported by talented swinging rhythm section with Eddie Johnson on Bass, Chris Marchant on drums, and Bob Albutt on banjo and vocals. Bob. Who is a great fan Clancy Hayes music, sings well over one hundred numbers, most with verses. Brian is sided by a remarkable clarinet Tim Huskinson and the classical trombone of Rex O’Dell. The band adapts their style of playing from New Orleans of King Oliver, Oliver Dixieland Williams, Duke Ellington to the late 30’s popular jazz ballads. Essentially the band aspires to carry on the spirit of the original jazz musicians of New Orleans – to play fun music from the heart.

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Trumpet and leader of the Mahogany Hall Stompers

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Trombone No musical profile available

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Tim Huskisson – Piano and Reeds. A self-taught pianist from a very young age, Tim was inspir...

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(Banjo and Guitar)

Bob Allbut – Banjo and vocals. Bob who is a great fan of Clancy Hayes music, sings well over ...

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Chris Marchant – Drums. I started playing as a member of the Whytebridge Jazz Band in 1953 unt...

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(Double Bass)

Double Bass. Unfortunately no musical profile available

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