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Liz Bacon’s A Breeze From New Orleans. The bands varied repertoire includes hundreds of popular jazz tunes, blues, spiritual songs, rags and marches. The main influences are from the early traditional bands including, Bunk Johnson, George Lewis, Kid Thomas, Sammy Pen, Joe Watkins, Ken Colyer and many others. The Band is not restricted or repetitive; the musicianship brings development and style with an edge for creative music and personal touch, always trying to avoid playing two notes when one will do. The melody is always present, but it has freedom that gives the overall sound freshness and excitement. Ensemble and solo work is balanced and spontaneous by working together and preferring one another. The band can be experimental but remain rooted in the traditions of New Orleans Jazz. The band prefers freedom of musical expression as encouraged by all the great enervators in the art of jazz music. They are influenced by many greats from the past; but cannot be accused of strictly copying what has gone before. A Breeze from New Orleans produces sounds that touch emotions making the musical New Orleans jazz experience exciting.

Band Members

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(Double Bass)

Annie Hawkins – Double bass. Annie Hawkins came from a family of classical musicians in her ho...

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Liz Bacon, played in ‘The Mississippi Dreamboats’ before joining The Rae Brothers New Orlean...

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Paul Bacon played drums in ‘The Mississippi Dreamboats’ before joining The Rae Brothers New O...

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Gabriele Gad – Piano and Vocals. Gabby from Munich, started playing jazz at 16, with the Jazz ...

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Jeff Milner - Trombone - Jeff took an interest in jazz from about 1956 and bought a trombone i95...

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(Banjo and Guitar)

Sarah Thatcher – Banjo & Tenor Guitar - Sarah's first experience of playing jazz professionally...

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