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The Golden Eagle Jazz Band. Tired of smooth, over rehearsed jazz and long for something more authentic? The “The Golden Eagle Jazz Band” is probably just what you’ve been looking for. With a classic line-up of:- Banjo, Clarinet, Double Bass, Drums, Trombone and Trumpet the band plays New Orleans jazz the way it was meant to be played, that is, with a raw and powerful front line and a hard driving rhythm section. Recently, described by critics as “This band has that New Orleans bounce, and “This is an excellent dance band”. It’s because of this bounce and their love for the music, that although new to the scene, the band has already secured bookings at some of the country’s leading jazz/dancing establishments. When asked to sum up the band and its attitude towards the music, Kevin Scott, the band leader, said “if the audience enjoys themselves only half as much as we do, then they’re in for a good time”

Band Members

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Alan Cresswell - Clarinet. One of the busiest clarinettist in the country and we are extremely f...

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Richard Church – Trumpet/Cornet. I first started playing the cornet at school and then went on...

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Kevin Scott – Tenor Banjo and Band Leader. Spent the early part of his jazz career playing in ...

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(Double Bass)

Double Bass player, unfortunately no musical profile available

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Malc played drums in several New Orleans-style bands in the North and Midlands while still in his...

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Rob Pearce – Trombone. Rob is London born and bred and started playing the trombone at the age...

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