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The Ken Colyer Legacy New Orleans Jazz Band evolved from the Colyer Trust Band and plays the music that Ken sought out in 1952/3 on his historic trip to New Orleans. It was there, where jazz began, that Ken felt he would hear the ensemble playing of a Golden Age that predated the emergence of the soloist when the music travelled north to Chicago and New York. The Legacy Band does not attempt to be a mere copy of a Colyer Band but it seeks to recreate the same spirit and feeling that Ken’s music conveyed. The jazz critic Brian Rust has written that the Legacy Band is “keeping the New Orleans flame alive, as Ken Colyer would have wanted, whilst not slavishly copying his sound.”

Band Members

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Tony O’Sullivan – Trumpet. Tony is a self-taught musician who began playing at school, then c...

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Dick Cook – Clarinet. Dick started playing clarinet with the Devotees Jazz Band in Nottingham...

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Peter Morcom - Tenor Banjo. Peter became involved with jazz in his teens when he heard a Jelly R...

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(Double Bass)

Gerry Rose – Banjo also Double bass. - Started playing jazz in his late teens on banjo. He to...

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Malc played drums in several New Orleans-style bands in the North and Midlands while still in his...

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