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Herringtown Jazzband from Enkhuizen, Holland. A band that exists for 40 years (1977-2017) has quite a history, of which the end is far from in sight. There is much to tell about all those years of our existence. Let's start with its emergence. At the end of the 1960s, Old Style Jazz became popular, especially among young people, who had already become acquainted with this music in high school during dance and party nights. Certainly, the success of the Dutch Swing College Jazzband has contributed to this. A few large cities organized Jazz Festivals, of which Breda became one of the forerunners in 1971 and still is. Also in Enkhuizen the Old Style Jazz was discovered in the early 70s. Partly due to the emergence of various bands, Enkhuizen created that musical enthusiasm in the first Enkhuizer Jazzfestival in 1973. Some musical friends found each other and started the "Herringtown Jazzband". This did justice to the origins of the musicians and the city of Enkhuizen. In the city coat of arms of Enkhuizen there are 3 crowned pegs to indicate that the city lived for a large part of the fishery. That also explains the origin of the name "Herringtown Jazzband". The musical basis of the orchestra is jazz music from 1920-1930. In the course of time that style has been influenced by English Trad and has grown into extremely swinging, instrumental and vocal jazz music. A varied repertoire, solid collectives and exuberant solos are ingredients of that style, which is also danced to your heart's content. The audience also plays an important role as an extra instrument, which the orchestra enthusiastically and diligently plays. In short, an orchestra of great musical class and a high level of entertainment.
The expression "fortunately we still have the photos" is emphasized by many scrapbooks with photos and clippings, collected during performances at home and abroad. In addition, the tours in the then Soviet Union in 1987 and 1988 may not be left unmentioned. At that time concerts were given in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tbilisi (Georgia). There was also an extensive interview and a performance for the Russian Television. Furthermore, we can be seen and heard regularly in Jazz clubs and at Jazz festivals, including in Germany, England and Spain and in our own country at many festivals, such as in Enkhuizen, Breda, Zevenaar, Domburg etc. In addition to three cassettes, three CDs were released, recorded with jazz specialist Max Bolleman. These excellently recorded CDs are still a lot of purchased souvenirs that can be listened to at home at home. A fourth copy is being worked on. Final withdrawals are in early 2017. All in all, an orchestra that has earned its spurs and looks forward to the future. We can-not miss you during your Festival or in your Jazz club. The Herringtown Jazzband also likes to play in other places where people like to swing, dance and enjoy a varied spectacle of spectacles.

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