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Band photo for Barry Palser's 'X' Factor New Orleans Jazz Band

Band formed from musicians who have played with the top professional bands, including Monty Sunshine, Chris Barber, Kenny Ball, Temperance Seven and Alex Welsh

Band Members

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Barry is a fine, punchy trombonist who believes that entertainment is a critical factor in jazz a...

(Clarinet and Saxaphone)

John Crocker – Reeds - Plays mostly clarinet but is also heard on alto and tenor saxophone. He...

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(Banjo and Guitar)

Pete is an excellent banjo and guitar player, is a real asset to the band being able to turn his ...

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(Double Bass)

Andy Lawrence – Bass – Andy is very experienced, having been Terry Lightfoot’s Bass man for...

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Was the drummer in the Temperance Seven band

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Alan Gresty – Trumpet –Played lead trumpet for many years with the Monty Sunshine’s band. ...

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Tim Huskisson – Clarinet – A self-taught pianist from a very young age, Tim was inspired ...

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