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French Quarter All Stars – The declared aim of the French Quarter All Stars is to play the authentic jazz from the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans. The French Quarter is, and has been since 1722, the area at the heart of New Orleans. Visitors today will still find many of the original buildings including the one on St Peters Street where they’ll find Preservation Hall. The ‘Hall’ as it is known locally, has, for many years been the focal point for keeping alive the music that the city gave to the world. The French Quarter All Stars are a band from the U.K. that shares that enthusiasm. The majority of the band personnel are all past professional members of well U.K. jazz bands such as Chris Barber, Monty Sunshine, Ken Colyer, Pete Allen and the Pasadena Roof Orchestra.

Band Members

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George (Kid) Tidiman - Trombone and vocals – George is no newcomer to Colchester Jazz Club, he...

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(Double Bass)

Gerry Rose – Banjo also Double bass. - Started playing jazz in his late teens on banjo. He to...

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(Banjo and Guitar)

Dave Moorwood – Banjo and Guitar – Dave Moorwood who doubles banjo and guitar honed his skill...

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Alan Gresty – Trumpet –Played lead trumpet for many years with the Monty Sunshine’s band. ...

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Goff Dubber (Clarinet & Saxes): Goff learned his jazz, after a classical beginning at school, pla...

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